About Us!


WORLD OF GREEN SHINE is a 100% Canadian-owned and operated natural health Ecommerce Company, with a retail store, as well as warehouses for wholesale around the country.

WORLD OF GREEN SHINE carries something for everyone, with 7500+ natural health products, including skincare for facial and body with the mixture of lifestyle products. Founded in 2019, WORLD OF GREEN SHINE is serving as the industry’s leading natural health brand with 95% positive feedback.

We have Certified Holistic Nutritionists close by for customized wellbeing guidance each time you visit our stores, just as our herbal products glow your skin in the cold, also will fill the dryness using on regular basis.

Yet, that is not all - as a feature of our obligation to give Canadians the best worth on regular wellbeing items, we sell at 25-40% beneath conventional retail cost.

Furthermore, in the event that you discover a thing from one more Canadian retailer and wholesaler at a lower standard retail cost, our group will cheerfully coordinate with it coming up!





At WORLD OF GREEN SHINE, we're pleased to address a gathering of insightful, various, and energetic people focused on self-awareness.

We're continually pushing each other to learn, passionate individuals committed to personal development. We ceaselessly endeavour to make fellowship a compelling artwork and recollect that work is play.

We began as an independent venture and bring that mentality through in our regular connections, at WORLD OF GREEN SHINE we're not simply an organization, we're a family.